Monday, May 15, 2006

Brought To You By the Letter 'L'

I came across this over at Nothing Important (Chesney's site).

I asked to play and she gave me the letter 'L'.

Here's how it works: If you wanna play too, let me know in the comments or send me an email and I'll assign you a letter. Then you write about 10 words that start with that letter that are important to you and explain why.

Hmm . . L.....

1. This is the first thing that came to mind - Love. That doesn't need an explanation, does it?

2. Lemonade! I love it, especially freshly squeezed. I love watching my girls set up lemonade stands to sell it also.

3. Lists! Few things make me happy like a good list. I like to make budget lists, shopping lists, gift lists, whatever. I also like reading lists made by others.

4. Lazy - this is something I love to be, whenever I get the chance which isn't too often these days. I love to lay around in bed and watch reality tv, and look at catalogs or magazines for hours on end.

5. Lunch - the favorite part of my workday. A few of my favorite lunch spots: Chili's, Moe's Southwestern Grill, Chick-Fil-A, Harrington's (a good little seafood place here)!

6. Livin' in Fast Forward - one of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs!

7. Louisiana - I can't believe it took me this long to think of this one! As I've written before, I love this state. I know we get lots of bad press, and we're at the bottom of every nationwide list, but it'll always be home to me.

8. The word 'little'. I use this word all the time (usually accompanied by 'cute), in describing things, as in 'Look at those cute little shoes', 'Isn't that a cute little purse?', etc.

9. Little House on the Prairie - one of my all-time favorite shows.

10. Laptop - as in 'computer'. I want one of these so badly, but will probably never have the extra funds to get one.

Hey, that was surprisingly easy! Those 'L' things just came to me.

Does anyone want to play? I'll give you a letter.


naive-no-more said...

I'm already playing with the letter T from Chesneygirl. Just haven't done my list yet.

Debating on whether or not to admit that I have almost all seasons of Little House on DVD. Bring snacks!!!

elizabeth said...

{waves hands wildly} me, me, me!! i wanna play :)

dee said...

I wanna play! Pick out a letter for me!!

Greta said...

i wanna play....

mommyof4 said...

I will play but do not give me to hard aletter:)

chesneygirl said...

Wow...look what i've started! :)

LOVE your list, Renee!!
And you know, when I picked 'L' for you I didn't even think about 'Louisiana' either!!

Lemonade is my all time favorite summer drink!

Kenny needs to record a song name that starts with the letter 'J' can you believe he does not have a single song starting with that??? So unfair!!! ;)

Thanks for playin, girl!

klanglee said...

I'll take a letter....please let it be an easy one, Renee!

4evergapeach said...

Hi Renee. Haven't been ignoring you. As I'm sure you read on my site things have been hectic.

Love your list! You mentioned Chic-fil-a, I miss that SO much!! The closest one is in Toledo and every so often we will make a run just for a Chic-fil-a. And I love their lemonade.

I'll admit it. I'm a fan of Little House on the Prairie also. Watch it any time I get the chance. Also would love to have a laptop but I think I'll be dreaming of that one for a long time.

List's? What's a list? Oh that thing my hub wishes I would take to the store so I don't forget things. LOL. I am SO NOT a list person!

And I LOVE Lousiana! Will be back down there in 4-5 years. That's where we are retiring and I will transfer to the Cabela's store in Gonzolez. Can't wait!!

Lisa M. said...

Hey girl,

I'll play! *grin* But, I don't want a Y, or Z *chuckle!*

You're right, Love needs no explaination at all.

I too love Lazy lemonade days. I make lists, but then can never find them! I love Lunch out, and miss, OH SO MUCH going with the girls from work. (I don't work anymore, haven't for yonks!) I have recently decided that we need to go to LA. We've never been there! I love little house! Oh, and a laptop is essencal~!

LOVED this list!

holli said...

I loved your list!! Hmmmm - do I wanna play or not? Maybe!

I do not want an x or anything!

Ex-playgroup mommy said...

I'll play.... ;-)

kendra said...

Love your list. Lemonade is sooo good & Kenny Chesney rocks:) I'll play( hope it's not a hard one;)!

clew said...

Fun list, Froggie! I had to come over and see what you came up with. ;) I had R if you'd like to visit.

Anne said...

awwww! can you come to my blog and give me a letter? your list is great! I love your use of the word 'little'..i do the same thing. and fresh squeezed lemonade?! thanks for reminding's that time to start making it again.

momyblogR said...

Love the "L" List! I'm thinkin' a laptop is WAY WAY off in my future too, lol!

Jamie said...

Love the list! I share many of your favorites (especially lemonade and lazy days and Little House and Chili's and Chick-Fil-A)

Oh...I just inherited my husband's "old" Sony laptop and I heart it. That and wireless Internet are awesome. I'm married to a geek boy, though.

Laura said...

I want to play, too!

Krisco said...

What a fun list! I love LISTS. And from reading your site I am so much more aware of your love for Louisianna, a state I've never even been to. (yet!:)

I'll play!!

Alli's Mom said...

I wanna play! Send me a

DaniGirl said...

*squirms around in chair, thrusting arm in the air*

Oo oo oo! Me too, me too! Pick me, can I play too????

Heather said...

mmmm lemonaid. Fun game, can I have a letter? Thanks :)

Heidi said...

I'd love to play this game Renee....great list! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Little House! I'm sure I have every episode memorized! LOL


Cindy N. said...

Hi Renee, I know I am behind the times with my blog reading, but yest, I would love to play. Please send me a letter.