Friday, November 05, 2010

Thankful Friday

It hasn't been the best week. We just got word of lay-offs in the agency that I work for. I've been with the State of La. for almost 20 years and nothing like this has happened before. Everyone is afraid that they may be on the chopping block and it's tense. We won't know for a few weeks exactly who will have to go. I'm trying to be optimistic, yet realistic at the same time.

Anyhow, Beki reminded me to count my blessings and put things in perspective. That's what I'll do here.

So thankful for . . .

- my wonderful work friends, who aren't 'co-workers' anymore, but some of my very best
'for-life' friends.

- a movie day planned tomorrow with all my girls.

- (this one's always on the list!) the health and happiness of my little family

- a new stove coming in Tuesday (okay, not the best timing with the lay-offs but who knew?)

- tons of pecans on the ground after all the recent wind!

- quiet Friday nights at home watching TV and eating gumbo

- the upcoming holidays with friends and family

The blessings far outweigh the worries. And that I'm very thankful for!

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Beth said...

Happy to see your thankful friday posts again!!!!