Tuesday, November 02, 2010


By the way, I'm officially 41 years old, as of last Thursday. I'd like to think I'm the same age as Anna, if you're dyslexic just on my part.

The thing is, I don't feel any older than I did when I was . . . say, 18. I remember my grandmother, Maw-Maw Jean, talking about that very same thing. I'm not sure how old she was at the time, but I was a teenager so she must have been in her 60s. She loved to travel with us to all of the LSU football games and she'd say how she didn't feel any older than she did in her 20s. At the time, I couldn't comprehend that. I mean, to me, she was O.L.D.
Of course, anyone over the age of 25 seemed prehistoric back then.

Anyway, now I'm starting to understand what she meant. And I feel so lucky and blessed to feel the same way. It's odd when you look in the mirror and see an older version of yourself, gray hair, wrinkles, smile lines, but you look away and could swear you're a teenager again.

I'm going to revel in this feeling while I have it. Age is only a number. I'm truly starting to understand that!

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