Thursday, April 17, 2008

I wish . . .

John M likes to 'I wish' lately.

It's his passive aggressive toddler way of stating what he really wants, but won't go the full nine in asking for.

He also has a fascination with cops lately, or as he calls them 'po-lice offiters'.
At first, he saw them as 'bad guys' and he was afraid of them (probably because I mostly refer to them in fear, like 'Oh s&!#, a cop, let me slow down before they catch me!').

But I explained to him that po-lice offiters are really there to keep us safe. He asked me how they keep us safe. I told him that if someone tried to steal him, the po-lice offiters would arrest that person and put them in jail.

That had him thinking for a little while.

Then he says, 'I wish someone would try to take me but real slow.'

Me: 'What?!'

He said, 'Real slow, mama. Then, the po-lice offiter would have time to get there and save me.' And then, you see, he could meet the elusive offiter, but still not actually be stolen.

Works for me, as long as I don't get that speeding ticket.


texasbelle said...

oh my ,what a cutie pa-tootie, If ya'll lived closer, I'd introduce him to the girls uncle who is a local officer.

DaniGirl said...

So neat to see their little brains working thing out, isn't it?

(Shall we call you Lead-Foot Renee from now on?? *wink*)

Sarah said...

How funny!

martie said...

Ahhh, the logic of a 3-year old! I think you should just take him to the cop shop and let him see some po-lice offiters!


kristi said...

How cute is that?

Ms Dragonfly said...

he's so cute! :)

hollibobolli said...

Faith wished to be a horse when we were at that freaking thing that turned Tom Hanks into a man in the movie Big. I don't know what that says about her - but it scared the hell out of me.. I made her take it back.

I would much prefer wishing my way out of a ticket!! He IS cute.