Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Graduate

How did I end up with a child going into 'high school'?

Actually middle school, but it's considered part of high school, and
definitely not elementary.

Anna graduates next month. There's a ceremony and a party afterwards.
And a dress and shoes and gifts. And I'm not ready. I mean, I guess I'm 'ready'
as in, we have the dress and I'm working on the gifts. I'm not ready mentally
is the thing. She's gone into 'grown-up' mode, wanting to stay by herself, not
go to the 'babysitters' house, etc. Hell, she even talks about driving!
She's only 12!!

I remind myself that she is no longer a 'little kid' and I have to learn to let
go. I just prefer to do it grad-u-a-ll-y...

I'm making her an elementary years scrapbook for her graduation gift. Above is a
little montage I'm working on for it. If you have any good gift ideas, for a 12-year-
old going on 21, please throw them at me.


Lisa said...

Oh it is so very hard to watch them grow up. My stomach just clenches at the thought.

I wish you well !


martie said...

Good luck! I have no ideas, and hate the thought of them growing up so quickly. My grand children do the same thing.......turn around and they're driving and then graduating from High School. I should have worked harder at inventing a pill to keep them younger for as long as you want!

She is a beauty!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture collage you did for this entry. She is beautiful and inside and out, and I love her very much. But, Lord, I hate to see her grow up. Oh well, watyagonnado?
Love, Anna's MawMaw Adele

chesneygirl said...

Wow, Renee! Anna is turning into a gorgeous young lady!
I don't think any of us moms are ever ready for our babies to grow up and unfortunately I don't think there is ever going to be anything that can make us ready.

I can guarantee you won't be alone when you're having these feelings about John M. because I'll be freaking out right along with you about Adam! :)

hollibobolli said...

I can't believe she is already starting highschool.. I can't believe we've known each other in blogland so long.

The girls look so cute in that pic.

Cindy N. said...

This is a great idea for her gift. I didn't know you were crafty (well not in the scrapbooking way anyway). The worst part of her growing up is that now you have half as long as she has been on earth and she will be graduating from high school! 6 more years. It's a whirlwind. You are a wonderful mother my friend, and it shows.

Sarah said...

Oh, wow! Middle school! I think the scrapbook is an awesome gift! She is beautiful!

LammyAnn said...

too fast, huh?

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

She is so beautiful Renee! Well, I can barely stand the thought of kindergarten award ceremony in a few weeks so I can only imagine what kind of bittersweet range of emotions you are going through.

What about getting her a pretty engraved bracelet or locket?

Love the scrapbook idea and the montage is perfect!

Busy Mom said...

Great pictures!

Time is so odd, it really does seem to fly by.

Gifts here are all about the iTunes cards, clothes, cash and Visa gift cars as Busy Girl is quite the online shopper.