Friday, February 08, 2008

Little Pieces of Time

You know what I've noticed lately?

That I spend too much time feeling guilty about not enough time spent with each of my kids.

But a little chunk of time with each goes a long way.

Today, I spent the day home with John because he was sick. So he got a big piece of my time.

I had Mark get Emma from the babysitter's after school b/c I couldn't leave with John. I felt a little guilty b/c I hadn't really talked to her all day.

I brought her to basketball practice shortly after she got back and we talked pretty much non-stop the whole way there and back. About school, her 4-H project, friends, haircuts that we're getting tomorrow . . . And BOOM, just like that, I felt back in touch with her and so in love with her. And hopefully, she felt the same way.

Then, I wondered why I felt guilty in the first place.

(Now, Anna has been gone ALL day but that's another story that involves a 12-year old's non-stop social life)


Missy said...

I have been feeling that way over the past couple of days since we have a sick one in the house as well. But I think that it is usually me just being paranoid because I don't think the kids are ever feeling neglected. :)

Five-Browns said...

Guilt is born with your first child. I think most of us spend time just trying to manage it and get perspective but you are right...a little bit of FOCUSSED attention goes a really long way! Am taking Rach shopping today- great bonding time for us! Any decisions made regarding Anna's trip to SA?

capello said...

you know, even though i stay home with my boys sometimes i feel disconnected to them at times too. but then i think i'm giving them independence - not something every parent does - and it helps.

(notice, i said helps, not justifies.)

you know, this parenting thing is tricky.

Anonymous said...

As Emma spends the night with her
MawMaw, we are reading your blog.
She just slapped me on the arm because I would not let her type.
So she says she loves you bigger!!!
P.S. She is not happy about the photo in your previous entry. Why did you take it off her camera, she wants to know??? Just kidding.
Love, MM and Em

martie said...

Oh Renee, get rid of the guilt. It is such a wasted emotion and one you for sure don't need. Let those who truly neglect thier children suffer the guilt...........from what I read, that certainly isnt' you! Push that guilt out the back door and slam it hard!


Cheryl Wray said...

I do the SAME thing!! I wonder sometimes if I'm not spending enough time with them...or being too negative when I do...and then I have some quality time and conversation with them and it reminds me how much I love them.

Great post!

Sarah said...

What a great way to catch up! It's so great that you are so close with your daughters! Your doing a wonderful job, never feel guilty!