Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stuff that we've been doing . . .

As usual, I'm behind on posting about the day to day. I wanted to make sure and do a Halloween post because I love to look back on the pictures from year to year.

Here we have Emma starring as Hannah Montana and John M. as Rocket from Little Einsteins:

This is the first year that John M. actually 'got' the trick-or-treat thing and seemed to enjoy it. He stripped 'Rocket' off about 1/3 of the way through, and just looked like a kid dressed as himself, but oh well. I love this picture of my mom looking like she just scalped Miley.

Here's the whole motley crew. Notice Big Hannah (Emma) and Little Hannah (Jenna).
Anna was an Indian girl (I prefer squaw).

The other high point of last week was discovering that our banana plants actually produced little tiny bananas. Non-edible seedy bananas but hey, they were cute. Here they are.

Now, if that's not excitement, you just tell me what is.


Suzanne said...

Love the Halloween pictures! I know that one day soon I, too, will recognize Hannah Montana without being told who she is.

chesneygirl said...

Banana plants? How cool is that?!?!
See, I need to live in the south, you guys have cool stuff like banana plants.... citrus trees.... PALM TREES. Warm weather all the time.

All we have up here are boring old pine trees, cherry trees and SNOW... like today.

Greta said...

ahh another year has come and gone..and don't be shame for not updating ..girl i have yet to put my halloween pic up...oh well..maybe later this week

you have the cutest kids i swear....loved their costumes

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love the Halloween photos. This was the first year we took Miss A trick or treating (she'll be 3 in March.)

I don't know that she really "got" it but she enjoyed the free candy!

Ya'll are living a rock star life, I tell you! ;)

Mary Tsao said...

Ha ha! Love the banana eating photo. I bet you guys have a lot of fun as a family.

kristi said...

That is too cute!