Monday, November 19, 2007


Scene: John M. comes in crying, holding his head. (After I heard a loud 'boom').

Me: Awww, did you hurt yourself?

Him: Yeah.

Me: What did you hit?

Him: The ground!

Scene: Lying (or is it laying, someone help me here) next to John in bed.

Me: Can I have a kiss.

Him (nods his head 'no')

Me: Please.

Him: (he tilts his little head my way)

Me: No, not that kind. On the lips.

Him: I don't have any lips.


minnie (haha) said...

Just came to your blog via fivesweetpeas - I'm amazed at how family life can be so similar the world over - come and visit us if you have a moment and see if you agree! Yazzle in Australia

chesneygirl said...

The first one had me ROLLING!!!

I wish I could remember Adam-isms.
He has funny ones, but of course I can never remember them.

(btw, I think it's 'laying')

Daisy said...

Laying is a reflexive verb; you can lay something down, but you lie on the bed. Of course, lay is the past tense of lie, which makes the whole thing difficult.
Never try to teach this to pre-adolescents.

Cindy N. said...

Awwweee, he doesn't have any lips! Bless his little heart. Ash used to say, Mom, kiss me on the yips!