Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My baby is four years old today.
In celebration, here's a list of four reasons why I love John M. being 4:

1.) John, you love to prove to me that you're a big kid and can do things. Example: "Mom, I'm big so I can sweep that up for you!". Go for it, boy!

2.) You're starting to learn all of your letters and love to spell things for
me, although you always do it from right to left. When you see a stop sign, you
say 'P-O-T-S' and I say right, 'Pots!'. We'll clear that up one day.

3.) You're big enough to want to pour your own drink, but not yet too big for
me to scoop you up and hug you for a good long while.

4.) You make me things now; cards, signs, all sorts of artwork and I want to
keep all of it to remind me of how perfectly sweet you are at this age.

I was planning on doing a list of four reasons why four is probably going to
be a pain in the butt, but let's just end it on a positive note, why don't we?

I love you, my boy, for four million reasons.


Mom (even from right to left, it's still me)


Tiffany and Glenn said...

WOW! Have a wonderful 4th birthday and good wishes to all. Nice bike!

My son loves Curious George too!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Happy 4th Birthday John M.! Love the new wheels. :)

Greta Adams said...

happy birthday and i cannot beleive he is for already...sheesh!!

kia (good enough mama) said...

Happy birthday, Big Boy!! :)

chesneygirl said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!
Look at how big you are on that bike!

He knows his letters already?
Wow! Adam still doesn't know many of his yet and he's been in preschool for over a year!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday, John M!!!

Four reasons to hate four:
1. The word "Why"
2. The word "WHY???"
3. The words "WHYWHYWHYWHY"

Ahem. Please hurry, FIVE. PLEASE.


Renee said...

Okay, Laurie, now I'm rethinking that whole post!

MarkD60 said...

Happy Belated BDAY! (Four? I thought you were older!)

Krisco said...

That is so sweet! Four is so cute. My little one just turned four also (as we've chatted about...) and it's just too cute.

kristi said...

Very cute post!! Happy Birthday little man!

DebbieDoesLife said...

Can't believe he is 4 already! I remember when he was a baby!!

Didn't know you guys got power knocked out too. During Gustav or Ike? My office in New Iberia was out during Gustav. We are so glad to finally feel pretty back to normal over here.