Monday, August 04, 2008


Any month, Any day, 2003

Dear Renee,

I know the girls make you crazy sometimes, fighting, arguing, not leaving your side for more than a couple of minutes at a time, whining, saying 'Mamaaaa' until you want to scream.

I know that sometimes it just seems like one more chore to go next door and visit with your grandparents and find out what's going on with their lives.

It's just a little too easy to walk across the yard and go and hang out with your mom and dad. You take it for granted every single day of your life.

But, one day all too soon, in just a few short years, so much of it will be taken away from you. So many of the people who formed who you are today will be gone. So will the innocence of your little girls; them needing you and wanting to spend every second with you. Don't take it for granted.

One day, very soon you'll want it all back so badly, it'll hurt your heart to think of how it used to be.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Oh Renee. This makes me want to cry. I can't think about my maternal grandmother without crying so many times because I know I didn't sepend enough quality time with her when she was still living.

I love that sweet photo.

chesneygirl said...

Aw, Renee, this is so sad! :(
I hope everything is okay???

That picture is too sweet! :)

beki said...

It's so hard to appreciate all that you have at this very moment. Time goes by so very quickly.

hippochick said...

I read your comment to Cheryl Wray today and decided I needed to read what you wrote. It is all so true. My girls are now 32 and 35. As Happy as I am that they have successful, happy lives, I miss them dearly. Cherish these days - as I can tell you do.

~hippo hugs~

Anonymous said...

They understand, Na. We are all human, and sometimes, take people, time and moments for granted. But, never forget, you were a good granddaughter and daugther to those who have left us. You ARE a wonderful mother and person, who tries her best to cherish each second of her family's lives. Regrets-you should have none.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...


martie said...

First.....Happy Anniversary......I learned about it from your mom! LOL

And yes, children grow up too quickly and those we love pass away much too soon. But regrets.....forget that guilt trip. You have nothing to regret. You're a great Mom and daughter and grand daughter I'm sure! You're a WONDERFUL friend! That is a sweet photo........cherish every moment!

Hugs, my friend!

Cindy N. said...

I remember this photo. I thought it was so precious. I used to keep a copy of it on my cubicle wall. Our children are precious and grow up way too fast, but that is part of life. My kids are 29 and 33 now and they are still my life and my loves. Spend time that you can with all your loved ones. You will always have wonderful memories once they are gone and those memories help you survive your grief. I love you girl.

Cheryl Wray said...

Aww Renee, this is beautiful. Our kids just grow up too quickly and we need to hold onto the precious times we have with them.

Anonymous said...

Take it from me, that all Dorothy and I heard all day was stories of Adele and you two girls. Dorothy retired this week and your Dad was the main topic between the two of us. I know without a doubt, how proud he was of you and Kelly. You are blessed with a beautiful family and a great Mom. I think you have many more stories to tell, because I see John Olinde in your little boy.He sure was named right. Many Blessings to you and your family.
Laurie Seneca

mamatulip said...

Renee, this is so touching, and so true - and bittersweet.

Hope everything is okay, friend.

krystal said...

I remember that picture, Renee! I love this post..I will try to remind myself to cherish the times I have with my family as well.

Heather said...

So precious! Love the must have been reading my mind when you wrote this. Thanks for sharing and giving us "mama's" a little reminder.
Have a great day!