Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Did I mention . . .

1.) That I went to my 20-year class reunion (yes, it has been 20 years already, geesh!) back in October and had a really good time? Picture of me and my high school buddies (and Mark) above.

2.) That Mark hit a cow Friday night and totally creamed his wee Corolla? We're pretty sure it's totalled, and the cow definitely was.

3.) That Emma will be ten years old in 3 short days, so I'm planning another party?

4.) That I've spent so much money on online purchases in the past few weeks, that I'll be broke until NEXT Christmas?

5.) That I've actually done all of my Christmas shopping and Christmas cards already? Yippee!!

If I've mentioned any of that already, forgive me. Did y'all forget to mention anything? If so, leave a comment telling me what!


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

What a great picture! I skipped my 20th this summer, but my best friend went and reported back to me. ;)

Happy party planning!

Krisco said...

I came back yesterday and got TOTALLY CAUGHT UP and I feel SO much better!

I went to my 20 year recently too and EHHH I can't believe those people are so old! Not me or my friends, of course.

Hope it was (is) all fun!

Sarah said...

Did I mention that I haven't even started my Christmas shopping?

Suzanne said...

Argh! Another person who has her Christmas shopping act together! I need to hang out with a more disorganized crowd.

Cheryl Wray said...

YAY for getting your shopping done!

And "creaming" the cow totally made me laugh. I'm probably the only one who caught a joke in that! :-)

Greta said...

have i mentioned that the only thing i have bought so far is 2 bikes...YIKES!! But hey all the cards are made and in the mail...yes i was crazy enough to make 40 cards of 2 different styles...YIKES!

happy birthday to your Emma!! She is getting so big!!

martie said...

Did I mention that I haven't even starting my Christmas shopping..........and that most of my decorations are still in boxes? I can't seem to get motivated this year!

Happy Birthday to Emma! They're growin' up, momma!!!


chesneygirl said...

No, I don't believe you did mention any of this until now. ;)

20 years, eh? It's only been 15 years for me. I went to my 10 year reunion and it sucked! Not sure I'll ever go to one again.

But your's sure looked like fun! What is that you're drinking out of that GINORMOUS cup? Hmmm???

Melissa said...

Christmas shopping DONE? Are you trying to make the rest of us look bad? Done? Done? Yikes! (Congrats on the reunion - you looked fabulous!)

Cindy N. said...

Did I mention I have been procrastinating about getting my Christmas cards done? I only have two more gifts to buy, but you know that already. And did I mention, I want to have lunch with you soon!?

A glimpse of Mel said...

So glad you went, we havent had one yet (17yrs down). Couple of my mates bugging me to organise it....Umm? No thanks!! You look fab. You need to know thatyou look waaayyy younger than the people around you. Remember that on those yuck mornings when you look in dat mirror!